Roma Footballer Henrikh Mkhitaryan Calls On To World Leaders For Action And Peace In NK

Captain of the Armenian national team Henrikh Mkhitaryan appeals to the Presidents of the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairing countries to use their powers to stop the tragedy in Nagorno Karabakh.

“While the war enters the second week of heavy combats, my native Armenia and Artsakh are defending themselves against the aggressors for our primary right to be a Nation, to exist on our historic lands and to preserve our world-known Christian heritage,” Mkhitaryan writes.

“With the intensification of military fights over the past few days, this is indeed heartbreaking to see how the Azerbaijani military is directly targeting kindergartens, residential buildings, hospitals and civilian infrastructures in the capital Stepanakert and other densely populated settlements,” he adds.

Mkhitaryan emphasizes that these tragic events are happening with the direct interference of external regional forces and foreign fighters in the proximity of the Russian Federation and the European Union, which constitutes a direct security threat for other countries.

“Armenia and Artsakh are alone in their fight against international terrorism,” he further notes.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan calls on the Presidents of the three countries to use their power in halting this human tragedy and bring the sides back to peaceful negotiations.