Serj Tankian wants to organize international rock festival in Yerevan

(Armenpress).- Member of world famous SOAD rock group Serj Tankian wants to organize an international rock festival in Armenia, Tankian told AFP. The agency reminds that one year after the “Aurora” Prize, the thematic song of which was authored by Tankian, the latter sees opportunities for organizing other events in Armenia and wants to organize a rock festival.

Tankian noted that he wishes to do more in Armenia and he has already come to the idea of organizing a rock festival.

“Armenia, not being an interesting destination for western artists, can be involved in a European summer festival as a result of which various groups can come to Armenia. I have always dreamt of organizing an international musical festival in Armenia. I have been engaged in political and social issues, and now I would like to find time for creative and musical works”, he said.

Referring to the concert of the SOAD in 2015 in Yerevan on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, Tankian said, “I had the feeling that our whole career was built for performing that single concert.