Why volunteer as a couple? Discover each other and Armenia together

A winning proposal to his employer helped to make Hratch’s dream of visiting Armenia a reality. AVC recently welcomed Hratch and Zara Kelian from Canada. 

An electronics technologist, Hratch works for a firm that periodically offers employees the opportunity to volunteer abroad for one month. Having never considered volunteering in Armenia, Hratch thought this could be a great way of finally discovering his homeland. He submitted a proposal for four weeks of volunteering in Armenia through AVC – and was one of three lucky winners! As soon as his win was confirmed, his wife Zara also applied to AVC so they could experience Armenia for the first time together. 

Both Zara and Hratch are active within the Armenian community in southern Ontario and with the Armenian Relief Society (ARS). In Yerevan, they are also working with one of the ARS programs that supports wounded soldiers in rehabilitation by teaching them English and other skills in order to help them re-integrate into society.

As you start planning your 2017-2018 travels, why not consider a service experience, be it professional or less formal; alone, as a couple, or with friends. AVC will customize the experience for you.  Email us your questions at info@avc.am. When you’re ready, you can simply apply online.