Young Armenian Scientist Aims Sky-high with Revolutionary Breakthrough Invention in Nanotechnology

(Armenpress)- The invention of an Armenian graduate of Cambridge University can revolutionize the industry of power supplied devices.

Amalya Kostanyan, a scholarship holder of Luys Foundation, specializes in nanostructures. She and her team design new generation screens based on the nanostructures, and the screens are entirely carbonbased.

“They are useful by the fact that they can be designed by new types of materials which are entirely made in laboratory conditions and with our desired features. We can create devices which will completely change our environment, which will enable to substitute siliconbased made devices with nanostructure-based made devices in mass production”, she told reporters in Yerevan.

Amalya and her team already received the patent with the University of Cambridge and are thinking about mass production.

Since the basis of the innovation is mainly the industry with organic materials it will be possible to apply in any industry.

“Imagine paper thin phones, tablets which require almost no power for operation. They can be applied in healthcare, for example there are devices which check the heart and other organ functions during the day”, the young scientist said.

“It will be possible to use this device for three years with only half an hour of charging”, she said.

Kostanyan said they are currently discussing what resources can be used to establish a laboratory operating with such technologies in Armenia.