Zoryan Institute Completes Another Successful Genocide and Human Rights University Program

                                                                                             A screen shot of  a Zoryan Institute GHRUP session held virtually, August 2-13.

This year, August 2nd- 13th, Zoryan Institute offered its 18th annual Genocide & Human Rights University program virtually.

GHRUP 2021 welcomed a diverse group of 14 students from a range of academic backgrounds whose informed and dynamic contributions generated active and vigorous discussions. Over two weeks, together with the faculty, students examined theories of genocide, international law, the development of human rights in addition to case studies ranging from the Armenian Genocide to the genocide of the Rohingya.

The Zoom platform provided an opportunity for students to connect, share resources, book recommendations and pose questions to one another through the live chat. Small group work in Zoom breakout rooms produced lively discussions that highlighted the academic range and caliber of the group.

The virtual social activities allowed the group to come together and connect over their shared passion for the field. The 2021 GHRUP class showed great interest and engagement in the courses as potential future scholars in the field of genocide and human rights.

The two weeks of intensive learning and discussion was capped off with the graduation and closing ceremony. Faculty, staff and Zoryan friends celebrated students’ dedication and commitment to Genocide & Human Rights Studies.

The 2021 GHRUP class joins a vast and accomplished GHRUP alum network of over 400 scholars around the world who have carried the lessons and connections made at GHRUP into their careers.


What the students said about the program:

“The fluidity with which we moved across concepts, analyses, and examples of and pertaining to genocide. The depth that we reached each day during a session and the way it was further expanded upon as Dr. Apsel and each of the participants connected the themes across an array of topics, was also a great strength of the program.”

“One of the strengths of the course was bringing in people from all areas of study. Not just the presenters, but also students, who have such a vast background and can provide other insights into genocide and human rights that others in certain fields may not have considered before.”

“While this course ran for most of the day, it did not feel tedious or monotonous. I was often surprised at how quickly the time would pass by, which speaks to the richness of the content.”


Screen shots of GHRUP sessions.