Armenian Air Force marks 25th anniversary of establishment

(Armenpress). – On June 26, pilots of jets and helicopters of the Armenian Air Force displayed their flying skills and maneuvers in the skies, as today marks the 25th anniversary of formation of the

Armenian Air Force, the air defense forces and the electronic warfare divisions.

 The aerobatic show was held in Yerevan’s Erebuni airbase.

 Pilots displayed their skills above the skies of Yerevan, maneuvering their gunships to the awe of the spectators, which was followed by search & rescue and paratroopers parachuting down.

 Armenia’s defense minister Vigen Sargsyan congratulated the troops on the celebration, and said that the air force is the source of pride and inspiration for all peoples of the world who have their own armed forces and military traditions, as well as the symbol of defense, battle­worthiness and power of the country.

 In his words, the anniversary of the Armenian Air Force has an honored and unique place in the military calendar.

 “This is a unique celebration, which is an occasion to take a look back, re­appreciate the Armenian air force’s path, which was created in the difficult days of war, value our achievements and define a new threshold for reaching even more significant achievements. This holiday also draws the attention of our entire society on the people, due to the daily hard work of whom the Armenian aviation was forms”, the minister said, wishing peaceful skies, inexhaustible energy and continuous achievements.


According to the minister, when speaking about the Armenian Air Force, it is impossible not to remember the veterans, who are retired but still spare no efforts in keeping the honor of the force high.

 Sargsyan said that it is due to the efforts of these people, their superiors and friends that the vein nourishing military aviation –the Armenak Khamperyants military aviation university – was created.

 “I am proud that the university can be called a research university, because today the devices designed and created there are equipping the Armed Forces. We await their fresh ideas with hope and faith, which will give birth to new achievements of the Air Force”, he said.

 Lt. General Movses Hakobyan, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces reassured that the Air Force staff is well trained.

 “The Armenian Air Force was formed simultaneously with the Army. The results which we saw from our pilots prove that we have a well trained staff ready to assist the other branches of the Armed Forces”, he said.

The Armenian Air Force was created in 1992.