Come to Artsakh: Armenian PM Nikol Pashinian Sends Message to All Armenians

I call on everyone to come to Artsakh and see it and feel its atmosphere.

Armenian newly elected PM Nikol Pashinian said the aforementioned while returning from Artsakh on May 9.

Pashinian said that Stepanakert is a very beautiful city and that there are a lot of sights to see there. He called on everybody not to miss the opportunity of seeing all that.

”I hope that our compatriots in Armenia and Diaspora will not miss the opportunity of visiting Artsakh. Visit with your friends and relatives: there are a lot of sights to see here and to feel the atmosphere established in Artsakh. And the cuisine and drinks of Armenia are unique,” Nikol Pashinian said, adding that his visit to Artsakh was efficient.