Garmin Company Investigating How Their Production Was Used for Turkish Bayraktar

Armenpress. The U.S.-based Garmin company has announced that the company has launched an investigation to reveal how their devices have been used for Turkish Bayraktar UAVs, after which relevant measures will be taken, ARMENPRESS reports the Armenian National Committee of America said.

‘’It has been brought to Garmin’s attention that one of our products has been incorporated into drones that are being used in Bayraktar UAVs to kill innocent civilians in Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh). We condemn this violence in the strongest terms, and we are heartbroken for the loved ones of those who have been killed. The Garmin product used in these drones is a commercial, non-military product that is widely available for purchase. It is not designed or intended for military use, and it is not even designed or intended for use in drones. We are investigating how our products ended up in these drones, and we will take appropriate action following our investigation to guard against our products being used again in this manner”, the company said.