Georgian Armenians Send 27 Ventilators to Armenia

The “Hayastan” All Armenian Fund launched the “United Against the Pandemic” fundraising campaign within days of the outbreak in Armenia. The campaign has been widely supported by Armenian communities, organizations and partners around the world with the sole purpose of supporting the homeland to overcome the Pandemic as quickly and painlessly as possible.

The latest supporter of this global campaign is the Georgian based “Friends of Armenia, Georgia” initiative. What began as an individual effort by Pavel Oganezov, the director of “Aliq Media” who coordinated the purchase of 10 oxygen concentrators for the Armenian healthcare sector evolved into more involvement and coordination by the Armenian community leading to a further 17 concentrators purchased. As a result, a total of 27 devices were handed to the Hayastan All Armenian Fund at the Georgia-Armenia border late last night.

The Armenian community in Georgia continues its support to the homeland with the “One mask, one life” fundraiser with all funds used to purchase masks for their compatriots in Armenia. The Hayastan All Armenian Fund will coordinate the transportation and logistics related to all of these initiatives and ensure that they are delivered to those most in need.

This initiative has spurred further involvement from other communities with Belgium and Luxemburg also joining the global campaign.

We are grateful to all our donors for their unconditional trust and support. United we can overcome this Pandemic.