Incoming Tourism On the Rise in Armenia

The past couple of years have seen a 25% increase in the number of tourists visiting Armenia, according to Hovhannes Azizyan, a deputy minister of economic development and investments.

Speaking at the forum “Mapping Armenia as a World-class Tourism Destination: Opportunities, Challenges, and Path Forward”, the official highlighted three major components accounting for success in the sector. He stressed particularly the importance of ensuring cooperation, developing infrastructures and strengthening the existing potential to attract tourists.

Azizyan also highlighted the natural advantages and the Armenian nation’s hospitality as very important factors. “Armenia has widely opened its doors to tourists and investors, and we are now ready to open them even more widely [to host more foreigners]”

The event was co-hosted by the US Chamber of Commerce in Armenia and the European Business Association’s country office.

Zarmine Zeitountsian,  the chairperson of the State Tourism Committee, briefed the participants on their recent accomplishments. “Tourism’s role in economic development is really great, especially when it comes to community development and poverty reduction,” she said, expressing a firm belief that a tangible progress in the sector is really achievable.

Addressing the tourism development strategy, Zeitountsian said that they are now collaborating with different international organizations to elaborate new quality standards.