Pashinyan calls on Diaspora Armenian youth to return to Armenia

Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan highlights the return of all the Diaspora-Armenian young people to Armenia, he announced on August 23 at the solemn closing ceremony of “Step to Home”.

ARMENPRESS reports Pashinyan noted in his speech that he has a great desire that the youth take with them the idea of returning back to Armenia.

“I consider that any Armenian is a citizen of the Republic of Armenia, and I have the honor to address you as my dear compatriots and proud citizens of the Republic of Armenia. The time to make real the country of our dream a reality and it’s very important that in the families of each of you and other Diaspora Armenians the idea of returning to Armenia is always touched upon”, Pashinyan said.

He emphasized that Armenia is a country for living inside it, it’s the country where one should develop, create, strengthen, enrich and make the country rich in ideas and love.

“I am confident that today, looking at each other’s eyes, and loving each other we become more powerful”, Pashinyan said.