Serj Tankian urges Armenia to “stay free and clear”of Monsanto

System of a Down rock band’s frontman and activist Serj Tankian called on Armenians to “stay free and clear” of Monsanto company, which is considered to be an international leader in plant biotechnologies.

This was Tankian’s response to business conference with participation of Valmont and Monsanto U.S. companies, organized by U.S. Embassy in Yerevan.  Delivering a speech at the event, the representative of Monsanto in CIS Alexander Zvyagintsev reassured that the company does not intend to develop genetically modified production in Armenia.

In a post on his Facebook page Serj Tankian particularly noted:

“There is ample proof that Monsanto’s sprays have poisoned our environment contributing drastically to dying off of bees. Their predatory genetically modified products spell the end of pure organic food. Above all Monsanto is known as an evil corporation here in the U.S. and Europe for all their practices. When I’m in Armenia and bite into an apple, it’s pure, crisp and delicious, as it is the result of thousands of years of agriculture and cultivation.  Let it remain so, please. I can’t find apples like that in the U.S. thanks to Monsanto. Please spread this message.”