Armenia dispatches humanitarian mission to Aleppo

A group of Armenian humanitarian experts have headed to Aleppo, Syria on Friday to provide humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people, Defense Ministry spokesman Artsrun Hovhannisyan said in a Facebook post.

The 83-member group, including doctors, sappers, as well as personnel who will ensure their safety, will carry out humanitarian mine clearance activities, raise mine awareness among the population, as well as offer medical aid in Aleppo exclusively outside the zone of military operations.

The Armenian government made the decision to provide humanitarian aid to Syria taking into consideration the war-triggered humanitarian crisis in the country and especially in Aleppo, the UN Security Council Resolutions 2393 (2017) and 2401 (2018), a written request from the Syrian side, as well as the existence of a large Armenian community in Aleppo.

“Issues related to the Armenian specialists’ stay in the territory of Syria, their status, functions and security are regulated by the legislation of Armenia,” the spokesman said.