Karabakh Movement 30th Anniversary Symbol Has Been Approved

January 24, a regular sitting of the State Commission on the organization and coordination of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Karabakh Movement and the national liberation struggle of Artsakh Armenians under the chairmanship of Ashot Ghoulian was held in the Artsakh Parliament, during which the main directions of the program of events dedicated to the 30th anniversary and the logo were presented.

Opening the session, Ashot Ghoulian noted that the preparations for the events have already been launched. And the events will not be completed in February but will cover the whole of 2018 and will have a pan-national nature, spreading throughout Artsakh.

The State Commission proposes a targeted program of events the implementation of which will involve the public, political and scientific circles, the Defense Army, the outside world, and the Armenian Diaspora.

Then the members of the commission discussed and summarized the results of the 30th anniversary of the Karabakh Movement. According to the Minister of Culture, Youth Affairs and Tourism, in 2017, during the contest announced on December 10-31, 26 featured sketches were sent to the commission by 26 participants. During the discussion the logo by Nina Shahverdian and the poster design by Armen Ghougasian have been recognized as the winners.

According to the program of events, it is planned to issue a jubilee commemorative medal, thematic books and brochures, a photo album, stamps, preparation of documentary films and videos, organization of exhibitions, various competitions, sports and cultural events throughout the republic.

The jubilee events will begin on 10-15 February, observing the schedule of events that occurred thirty years ago. Solemn events will be organized on February 20.

During the meeting, members of the commission – Foreign Minister Masis Mayilian, Minister of Education, Science and Sports Narine Aghabalian, Minister of Culture, Youth and Tourism Sergey Shahverdian – presented sectoral programs envisaged in the framework of comprehensive events.

Summing up the meeting, chairman of the Commission, Ashot Ghoulian noted that work on writing scenarios of anniversary events will be continued in the coming days.