Shushi Was Liberated 28 Years Ago Today

(Armradio)- May 8 marks one of the most significant victories in the history of the Armenian nation. Shushi was liberated on this day 28 years ago.

During the Karabakh liberation war of early 1990s, Shushi became one of Azerbaijan’s main military strongholds.  From this strategic location, the Azerbaijani army would bombard Karabakh’s capital Stepanakert and adjacent Armenian villages.

The liberation of Shushi in May 1992, however, became a turning point.

About 3,800 volunteers participated in the operation led by Arkady Ter-Tadevosyan, the Commander of the self-defense forces of Artsakh.

Arkady Ter-Tadevosyan declared early on May 9 that all groupings of the rival had left Shushi.

The operation was named “Wedding in the Mountains.”