I am an honorary Armenian: Serena Williams plans to visit Armenia

American world-renowned tennis player Serena Williams spoke about her plans to visit Armenia with her husband, Armenian businessman Alexis Ohanian.

“My husband is Armenian, I am learning a lot about Armenians, I am an honorary Armenian, I love how proud they are, I am planning to go over there, do not know if this year or next year, it is going to be fun!”, Williams wrote on her Twitter page. 

She started dating Ohanian after first meeting him at a lunch in 2015. In a Reddit post confirming her engagement in 2017, Williams traced their lunch back to Rome, where Ohanian ultimately proposed.

In a recent interview, Ohanian recalled a trip he took to Armenia back in 2010, saying that he “spent a few months in the motherland” and got back to his roots.

Ohanian’s mother was born in Germany, while his father is the son of Armenian immigrants.