Kim Kardashian planning to launch fragrance with Armenian flowers

(Armradio)- Kim Kardashian has revealed plans to launch a fragrance with Armenian flowers.

“This is something I have not done before, and something I was inspired by yesterday, just driving down the streets in Armenia.  I think of a fragrance with some beautiful Armenian flowers,” Kim said at the World Congress on IT In Yerevan.

Kardashian said she will go back with four new ideas.

She believes that to create something really useful and successful, people should be very passionate about what they are doing. Being authentic is one of the fundamental points of any invention and innovation.

“Every time I make a product, I think it should be super authentic and really well thought out,” Kim said, adding that she gets involved in every stage of product launching starting from packaging to logo design.

Speaking about her feelings about being at a huge technology event in Armenia, Kim Kardashian said “being here means everything to me.”

“Being able to bring my sister Kourtney and baptizing out children here means everything to us.  We’ll have this memories forever,” she said.

Kim also revealed that an episode of her reality show is being filmed in Armenia today.

She added that the WCIT was good chance to visit Armenia again.

“Thank you for having me here. I’m so proud this huge tech conference is taking place in Armenia, and I am so proud to be here.”