UNESCO Headquarters To Host Events Honoring Komitas And Tumanyan

ARMENPRESS. Multiple events honoring one of the greatest Armenian poets Hovhannes Tumayan and composer, the founder of the Armenian national school of music Komitas are being organized across Armenia and abroad on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of births of the two eminent figures.

The Armenian Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports is sponsoring a number of these initiatives.

Deputy Minister Ara Khzmalyan told ARMENPRESS Tumanyan and Komitas are the kind of poles of “our spiritual description who need to be addressed constantly”. “They must be present in our lives, our daily lives, in the education system”. Khzmalyan noted that nevertheless the anniversaries are a good occasion to once again redefine the value of the Armenian greats.

“We can consider Komitas our spiritual purifier, who cleansed our essence, our description from foreign elements and left the purest, the noblest, the things which makes a nation a nation and contributes to preservation of identity,” the deputy minister said.

“I believe it is our shortcoming that the huge work which has been done in this direction is perhaps not noticed. That is why we reached out to the help of digital marketing. We will transform every project into a short video which will be broadly circulated in the digital dimension, and our citizens and Diaspora-Armenians will be informed what events are taking place in dedication to these two greatest names,” Khzmalyan said.

On October 18th, a concert and exhibition will take place at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris. The concert will be dedicated to Komitas while the exhibition will honor Tumanyan.

The State Chamber Choir of Armenia will participate in this event.

“Recently Komitas’ Divine Liturgy was performed with great success with participation of the Latvian Radio Choir. Concert programs dedicated to our greats have been carried out in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania with participation of our choirs and those of the abovementioned countries. I also attach importance to the upcoming concerts of the Hover State Chamber Choir in Germany,” he said, adding that the choir’s men’s chorus has recently recorded the Divine Liturgy (Patarag) by Komitas and will perform it at the Tatev Monastery.

Khzmalyan said the diplomatic circles have prepared and organized these events on a duly level and all national resources (expert, creative and financial) are directed to properly value Komitas and Tumanyan.

But the events aren’t only featuring concerts: The Henrik Malyan Theater of Cinema Artists will be on tour in Moscow and Paris to perform plays based on Tumanyan’s novels. Research and literature books will be published dedicated to Tumanyan.

Almost all choirs of Armenia will be on tour in Artsakh to perform Komitas.