YouDrive lite brings rental of electric kick scooters to Yerevan

“Panarmenian”,- YouDrive lite launched a service of short-term rental of electric kick scooters in Yerevan, Armenia Monday, December 10, the company revealed in en emailed statement.

At the initial stage, the new park in Yerevan will consist of up to 100 Segway Ninebot ES1 kick scooters.

The ride will cost AMD 35/min. (approx. $0.07 per minute), while parking will be arranged at public and private bicycle parking facilities.

YouDrive lite accounts are the same for all countries, which means you can use the service without additional registration both in Russia and Armenia.

In addition to Moscow, where the launch of the service took place at the end of May 2018, YouDrive life will appear on the streets of Cyprus and Israel too.