Hayastan Fund’s annual telethon raises $11,109,633

|Asbarez”,- The annual Thanksgiving Day Armenia Fund Telethon raised $11,109,633, with the organization continuing to accept online and telephone pledges.

Armenia Fund had announced earlier this year that fund from the telethon would be allocated to infrastructure improvement and energy-related projects in Artsakh.

During the 12-hour program, which was broadcast internationally, a $2.5 million anonymous donation was announced. Businessmen and long-time Armenia Fund supporters Antranig Baghdassarian and Albert Boyajian each donated $1 million.

Last year, one of the major capital projects, the Vartenis-Mardakert Highway was inaugurated creating a second route connecting Armenia and Artsakh. The project was completely funded by Armenia Fund and monies raised through past telethons.

Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stopped by the Hayastan All-Armenia Fund headquarters in Yerevan on Friday morning and addressed a live appeal to telethon viewers encouraging them to support the fund’s activities.

He then announced two separate donations—a one million drams ($2064) from the Prime Minister’s Funds and personal one for 500,000 drams ($1032).