Written by: Rupen Sevag

Translated by:Varak Babian


Amongst the infinite green of the fields, lushness parted briefly and a sickly leaf said hello.

Oh, how divine spring is; Its gentle winds rocking a warm cradle.

The endearing grass of plains ajar, the flowers with boundless colour,

In unison they smile; intoxicated by the warmth of the sun.


Nestled within the vignette of spring, rich with life and creation

Amongst the robust green of the fields, I glanced upon an unwell leaf.

A dry, wilting leaf; carried and placed by the tender, rocking wind…

Left to tremble towards eternal rest…as the surrounding evergreen carry on with vibrant sway.


My heart is heavy with infinite pain,

I mourn and crouch closer to the ground

I lay its frail body amongst my outstretched palm,

Raise it towards my lips, using tears and a delicate touch.


My soul, too, is an ill-timed leaf in Spring. Out of season, fading away.

Surrounded by petals and flowers in bloom,

While May’s zephyrs salute and colours are unfurling all around,

It remains unable to smile. It quivers, it’s cold .


Amongst the rolling hills of green, an unwell leaf is all I see…


 *Translated from the original, Rupen Sevag’s, «Հոգիս ».