ANCT October Update

ancc2The Armenian National Committee of Canada, as the most influential Armenian grassroots political organization in Canada, actively advances the concerns of the Canadian Armenian community.

We ensure that the Canadian Armenian community has a voice at the federal, provincial and local levels of government in issues pertaining to the community.  The Armenian National Committee of Toronto (ANCT) continuously works towards its mandate and 2016-2017 ANCT members and subcommittees are as follows:

  • Zohrab Sarkissian, Chair
  • Garo Missirian, Recording Secretary
  • Khajag Koulajian
  • Harout Kassabian
  • Sarkis Keusseyan
  • Vahan Ajamian
  • Marianne Davitjan
  • Garo Kelebozian, AYF YOC Liaison


Raffi Hamparian, National Chairman of the ANCA, addressing the crowd at the ANCC's annual fundraising reception.

Raffi Hamparian, National Chairman of the ANCA, addressing the crowd at the ANCC’s annual fundraising reception.

  • Genocide Commemoration, Vatche Kelebozian
  • Outstanding Canadian, Marianne Davitjan
  • Media
  • Canada 150
  • Public Relations
  • Fundraising

The input, participation and collaboration of every individual in the Armenian community is vital.   Your support – through volunteering or financial assistance, will ensure that we reach our common goals. The ANCT continues its political advocacy to further the issues important to Armenians in the Greater Toronto Area. Over the past couple months, we have had the opportunity to meet with several elected representatives and supporters of the Armenian Cause.

We also participated in Shelley Carol’s launch for her provincial Liberal nomination campaign, where ANCT was represented by Kirkor Chitilian.

In collaboration with the Canadian Museum of Human Rights, the ANCC co-organized the premiere of the new film about the Armenian Genocide “Acts of Conscience: Armin T. Wegner and the Armenian Genocide” in Toronto on October 13th, 2016.

The ANCT also participated in the annual fundraising reception hosted by the ANCC, held on October 21st at the Armenian Community Centre in Toronto.


Upcoming activities:

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How can you get involved?

Interested in supporting a political candidate? Let us know! We are always looking for community members to join riding associations, get involved in campaigns, and support fundraisers.

Looking to get involved in an ANCT event? Come join us! We have a series of exciting events to organize this year, from Genocide Commemoration, to Canada 150 and Outstanding Canadian. Join us and make a difference.

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Members of the Armenian Community, left to right- Karnig Hasserjian, Daron Keskinian, Hrair Terzian with and MPP Raymond Cho, Leader of the Ontario Conservative party MPP Patrick Brown