ARS School Cross Country Team Wins Bronze Medal

ARS cross country team.

By: Sam Manougian


On October 2nd, 2018 the Somerset Academy hosted its annual Cross Country Race for schools within the SSAF (Small School Athletic Federation). Once again the race was held at Milne Park in Markham. There were 1000 runners representing 20 schools.

This year the ARS school cross country team was made up of 68 athletes from grades 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.  The team participated in 7 different age group categories (Under 8, Under 10, Under 12 and Elementary).  The team met at the ARS school in the morning and made their way to the cross country meet with their coaches and with the help of many volunteer parents.  The forecast called for some rain but that didn’t dampen their spirits.

Since the first day of school, the ARS cross country team members have been working very hard and have been practicing every day to prepare for the cross country meet.  Athletic Director Alex Movel along with coaches Miss McDowell, Miss Maruth and Sam Manougian prepared the team for the tournament. As the races for each age group started, all the ARS team runners showed a strong determination and ran extremely well and all the athletes recorded excellent results. The top 5 finishers in each age group category would earn valuable points towards the overall school team trophy which was to be presented at the end of the day. 

ARS runners who placed top 5: Jack Tanner (first), George Missirlian (first) and Berge-Armen Marcarian (2nd).

This year once again the competition was extremely competitive. The ARS runners recorded excellent results. The first races were for the boys and girls in the under 8 age group category. 

Here are the ARS runners who placed in the top 5 in their age group and earned valuable points for the school.

Under 8 Boys

George Missirlian – 1st Place

Under 12 Boys

Berge-Armen Marcarian – 2nd Place

Elementary Boys

Jack Tanner – 1st Place

The team points that the ARS school earned was good enough to place 3rd overall among all the school participating and to win the bronze medal.

In spite of the very wet weather throughout the day all the runners ran personal bests and enjoyed a great day of running. They returned to the school proud of what they had accomplished both individually and as a team.

Their experience as members of the ARS cross country team gave the students a strong work ethic as they showed up every day for practice and worked hard. They became more disciplined and much better physically fit. Their running and fitness will help all the athletes as they continue to train and participate in other sports such as basketball, volleyball and soccer.

They are all looking to participate in cross country and running club again next year and to build upon their success from this year.