ARS Summer Camp Wrapped Up Another Great Run

A group of ARS Summer camp children.

ARS Summer Camp (Jampar) had another successful summer this year from July 2 to August 23 at the Armenian Youth Centre.

This year the camp welcomed more than 220 campers from kindergarten to grade 8 for a duration of eight weeks.

The daily camp program included: arts and crafts, baking, interactive and engaging Armenian and music classes, computer lessons, and outdoor/indoor interactive plays and activities.

On Tuesdays, grades 1-8 had swimming time while going to outdoor pools.

On Wednesdays, the camp hosted diverse in-house activities and chess inhouse sessions and on Fridays, the camp went on exciting field trips. In addition to all of this fun, on numerous occasions, there were camp-wide games in the gym to promote inclusion and foster a safe, welcoming community.

New this year, was the leadership and STEM program for grades 6-8.  While the older campers developed their own leadership skills, they also fostered the younger campers’ self-esteem through play and team-building.

Campers and staff alike gained new relationships and unforgettable memories. All of this was made possible thanks to the dedication and support of the ARS Summer Camp Committee, the camp staff, the parents, and generous donors.

It is a huge honour to serve our Armenian Community and to prepare our leaders-in-the-making.

Summer Camp children in a gym.

Pool day

Heading for a ice cre’me truck.

Summer adventures in a forest.