Brazil’s São Miguel Arcanjo city recognizes Armenian Genocide

Brazil’s São Miguel Arcanjo city has recognized the Armenian Genocide, founder of Armenian Chamber of Commerce of Brazil Sargis Karamekian informed “Armenpress”.

“The City adopted a law on the recognition of the Armenian Genocide. Unfortunately, Brazil has not so far recognized the Armenian Genocide on a federal level. We actively work in that direction, but the success is still on the municipal level. New recognitions are expected in the near future by other Brazilian cities”, Karamekian said.

According to Karamekian April 24 is marked as the day of Armenian Genocide in the official calendar of the city. Authorities have expressed solidarity with all events towards commemorating the Armenian Genocide in São Miguel Arcanjo.

He added that the Armenian community plans to erect a stone-cross in the city in the near future to the memory of the victims of the Armenian genocide.