International Forum in Artsakh Brings Together Bloggers from 11 Countries

About 30 bloggers from 11 countries came together in Artsakh for a forum initiated by “Artsakhakertum” NGO and the Atsakh Union of Journalists, Artsakhpress reports.

Attending the event were Anton Nossik (Russia), Anton Merkurov (Russia), Aleksandr Alimov (Latvia), Tarik Hafed (Algeria), Romain Mielcarek (France), Gilad Halpern (Israel), Aleksandr Hoishyk (Belarus), Irina Kovalchuk (Ukraine), Luciano Tirinnanzi (Italy), Petruška Šustrová (Czech Republic).

The forum focused on presenting conflicts on social media and ensuring freedom for bloggers and journalists.

The forum was chaired by co-president of “Artsakhakertum” NGO Artak Beglaryan and media expert Samvel Martirosyan.

Hrachya Arzumanyan, Director of the Ashkharh Center for Strategic Research, presented the reasons behind the Karabakh conflict.

“The Azerbaijani society needs to be cured from the illness called “Aliyev clan” with the help of the international court, which will condemn the upbringing that teaches generations to cut the heads and ears of Armenian women and children,” Arzumanyan said. He reminded that more

than 100 Armenian soldiers were killed as a result of large-scale military actions waged by Azerbaijan in April 2016.

According to the expert, “they died because superpowers decided to play with the region.”

He believes that “under the conditions when the superpowers are unwilling to address the issue, bloggers can well affect the situation.”

Artsakh’s Deputy Minister of Economy Sergey Shahverdyan presented the state of tourism in the country. He said about 15 thousand tourists from Russia, the US, Iran and European countries visit Artsakh annually.

“Tourism is a tool of intercultural dialogue, that’s why people must have freedom of movement,” he said.

He said teh Stepanakert airport doesn’t work because of Azerbaijan’s aggressive behavior and the apathy of international organizations.